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  • Prevent 1st incoming monster from entering safety cube
  • This is done by locating a trap location by firing with B button (recommended) or Right Mouse Click.
  • The closer you are to the hidden trap center the more shots you will earn
  • If TOO close you will be trapped and the game will end
  • After the location is revealed you must climb the platform
  • Climbing the platform will awaken up to 4 more monsters
  • They will attempt to escape to the safety cube
  • You can track them down and shoot them to cure them
  • Currently only 2 trap levels for a total of 10 monsters
  • Maximum 10 escapes or cures
  • Score of 10 reveals Who is the Monster?
  • Gamepad XBOX controls
    • A - JUMP - (2x for Double) Hold for Higher Jump
    • B - FIRE
    • RT - Sprint
    • Right analog - Rotate Camera
    • Left Analog - Player Movement
Published Aug 27, 2015